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Improve Continuity, Tracking and Retrieval of Documentation 

AveCare provides extensive tracking and retrieval of all internal/external documentation and correspondence.  User defined letter templates, note categories, contact reasons/outcomes and document types provide ease of use and continuity in the documentation process.  The system facilitates this process by providing multiple points of entry to create, update, view and modify so that the care manager can easily access everything they need without having to jump in and out of multiple screens. 

  • Letters:  Create letter templates unique to your business requirements. Standard or customized letters & educational materials regarding disease management can be produced directly from the application so that timely notification can be rendered.
  • Notes:   Use multiple note entry windows located throughout the system and review all notes in a single screen.
  • Faxes:  Send faxes directly from the system.
  • Contacts:  Track all contacts (telephone, email, visit, etc.) throughout the care continuum. Activity reports can be produced to show a complete record of contacts for a patient.
  • Documents:  Create a paperless office environment by uploading patient documents (emails, clinical information, etc.) to patient activities.
  • Print Outs:  Print health risk assessments, care plans, reviews, notes, etc. for internal and external distribution.


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