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Prevent Non-Compliance Issues

AveCare tracks all activity using user defined compliance guidelines and provides electronic alerts to ensure timely completion of all required activities.  Automated user and supervisory alerts can prevent non-compliance issues.

The below list is a sample of the standards currently built into AveCare for tracking the number of days between various phases of the Disease Management (DM) process:

  • Potential candidate identification for DM and screening
  • DM candidate identification and review of the patient has been completed
  • DM candidate identification and patient outreach has been made
  • DM candidate identification, patient enrolls or declines 
  • DM case is opened and a health risk assessment is performed and a care plan is developed for the patient

AveCare enables report generation for both internal (operational) and external (client) monitoring to ensure all candidates are evaluated and participants are managed on a timely basis.

Easily identify:

  • Potential DM candidates identified manually or through automated claims analysis
  • DM candidates qualified after clinical review
  • Patients decision to either participate or decline a DM program
  • Reasons why a DM case has been closed
  • Participants receiving quarterly newsletters

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