Interoperability of Data

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Automated data transfer from and to external IT systems   

AveCare provides seamless integration and interoperability with external IT systems allowing care managers to become more effective and efficient while integrating care across the entire medical management continuum.

  • Eligibility:  View complete demographic information including: effective/ termination dates, benefit plans, coordinated care team (medical home), family members, etc.
  • Medical Claims:  View, sort and filter detailed claims data.
  • Pharmacy Claims:  View, sort and filter detailed claims data.  Use system analytics to locate non-compliance or interdiction issues.
  • Patient Chart:  View detailed patient chart including immunization dates, medications, current laboratory results, and diagnostic evaluations.
  • Documents:  Automatically Import documents for online viewing.
  • Criteria:  Automated criteria lookup and data retrieval based on diagnostic and procedure codes.
  • Utilization Management Requests:  Interactive web portal to receive and respond to requests for precertification, authorization and referrals.  
  • Utilization Management Results:  Export initial and concurrent decisions for claim payment.

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