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Effectively managing patient care demands the right combination of clinical and software resources.  In an industry that is typically labor-intensive, those resources should not only support and enhance the Care Management process, but also contribute to corporate profitability.  AveCare’s seamless integration of Care Management functions (CM, DM & UM), Streamlined Workload, Management Capability and Affordable Pricing Structure allows organizations to optimize clinical and financial resources while improving quality of care and patient outcomes.

  • Seamless Data Exchange:  Exchange data from multiple sources including: eligibility, claims, networks, pharmacy, diagnostic and lab results, predictive modeling, decision support tools and e-fax.
  • Employ a Common Platform for Care Management: Integrated by design allowing for the seamless integration of Case Management, Disease Management/Education and Utilization Management functions.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: No more logging onto multiple databases.  With AveCare, clinical users have access to all relevant health information needed to perform their job on a single desktop application.
  • Scalable & Flexible:  AveCare provides the tools to configure the system for the unique care management requirements of any organization regardless of size, giving organizations the flexibility to grow and change company/ business models without utilizing your IT resources.
  • Patient Centric Software From a single point, view or access all CM/DM/UM activity and information relevant to a particular patient. 
  • Automated Identification:  Analytical tools to identify candidates for case, disease, maternity or quality management during the utilization review process and monitoring of claims, Rx and assessment data.
  • Security:  Designed with HIPAA and CMS regulations in mind, AveCare contains security provisions in which internal and external access can be determined and set up by the client.
  • Affordable Solutions:  While many third-party systems have expensive, fixed pricing structures, AveCare is available under a variety of pricing options, with pricing to meet the needs of any size organization. 

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