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Avedon History

Avedon Health Systems was formed in 2007 by individuals with long careers in the health management arena, including technical and operational expertise from the Care Management, Health Plan and Third Party Administrator industries. This unique combination of talents and backgrounds has enabled Avedon to develop a product that is robust in features and capabilities. AveCare automatically tracks and monitors productivity for compliance, timely interaction and provides ease of use for daily activity.

AveCare Software

AveCare was originally developed as an in-house system for a health plan owned by the current principals of Avedon.  From the initial development concept it was designed as an integrated Case Management, Disease Management, and Utilization Management platform providing identification, collaboration and ease of use unparalleled in the industry.  It became operational in 2002 for a population of approximately 200,000 members located in Florida, Texas, Ohio and South Carolina.  The membership included SCHIP, Medicaid and commercial entities.  When that company was sold at the end of 2005 the rights to the software were retained by the same principals. 

In January of 2007 work began on expanding the development of AveCare as a commercial product.  

AveCare’s configurable workflow processes offer the most advanced and ease of use tools to install and modify your work processes with non-technical staff.  Care has been taken to create a product that frees the customer from depending on continuous support from a programming staff.  User defined tables, coding and processes enable our customer to define their own system, modify it for their unique requirements and change it to meet the needs of their own business model in this time of a rapidly evolving health care industry. 

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